Welcome to St. Hilary Catholic Parish in Tiburon, California

St. Hilary Catholic Church in Tiburon, CA Photo courtesy of Doug Stiles of Belvedere

Saint Hilary Church and School is a caring, vibrant community which believes in promoting Catholic values, love, faith, friendship, and outreach to those in need.


If you are visiting, we welcome you and invite you to join us at Mass. If you are new to the area or a long-time resident, we look forward to having you join our community. We offer the Catholic sacraments, religious education for children and opportunities to become involved in any of our liturgical, instructional, faith & prayer, outreach or fellowship ministries. Please register with the parish to have an ambassador family help you find out what your parish has to offer!


Father William E. Brown - Pastor - BillBrown@StanfordAlumni.org

Father Roger G. Gustafson - Parochial Vicar - FatherRogerGustafson@Gmail.com


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Mass Schedule at Saint Hilary Catholic Church

Saint Hilary of Poitiers (c. 300-368 A.D.), patron saint for our church & school. Click on his picture for the story of Hilary's life.


 Mass Time

Type of Mass             

Saturday 9:00 a.m.  


5:00 p.m.

Vigil Mass


7:30 a.m.

Quiet Mass


9:00 a.m.

Children's Choir Mass


11:00 a.m.

Adult Choir Mass


5:00 p.m.

Guitar Mass


8:30 a.m.


Holy Days



7:00 a.m.

8:30 a.m.

7:00 p.m.


For more Mass information or to hear the Sunday Gospel and homily, click here.


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St. Hilary Parish this Week

BLESSING OF PETS at Saint Hilary's Church

- Thursday, Oct. 1, at 7:30 a.m., on the plaza in front of Tarantino Hall, for the pets "in person," with proper human supervision, of course, to avoid any canine-feline kerfuffles.

- This weekend we celebrate the Solemnity of Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, so we invite you to bring a PHOTO of your pets to any of our five Masses. 
The priest will bless your pets' pictures after the homily, and you can bring the blessing story back to them when you get home.

The cats will be especially attentive to the telling, as I know from personal experience!
PLEASE NOTE:  the real date for the Solemnity of Saint Francis of Assisi is October 4, but we're offering the pet blessing "in person" a few days early (Oct. 1st) to accommodate the many children and parents and pets who come just before the school day starts!
~ Father Brown

Free Workshop: Alternatives to Our Thirsty Lawns

Thursday, Oct. 22,

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Marin Art & Garden Center,

Livermore Pavilion,

30 Sir Francis Drake Blvd,

Ross, CA 94957



Tired of your water-guzzling, labor-intensive lawn? Join Marin Master Gardeners and Marin Municipal Water District to learn how to upgrade to a beautiful, water-wise garden! This FREE workshop will cover:

*MMWD drought regulations & rebates 
*Coping with the drought 
*How to replace your lawn and sprinkler system 
*Design tips 
*Lawn alternatives to inspire you 
*Planting for wildlife 
*Irrigation best practices

Space is limited. Please pre-register at: 



- From San Francisco
From Highway 101 North, take the Sir Francis Drake Blvd./San Anselmo exit onto Sir Francis Drake Blvd. On Sir Francis Drake Blvd., drive west 2.5 miles. The Center entrance is located directly across from Lagunitas Blvd.

- From North of San Rafael
From Highway 101 South, take the Sir Francis Drake Blvd. exit. On Sir Francis Drake Blvd., drive west 2.5 miles. The Center entrance is located directly across from Lagunitas Blvd.

- From the East Bay
From Highway 580, take the San Quentin/Sir Francis Drake Blvd. exit. Drive 2 miles until you pass Highway 101. Continue west on Sir Francis Drake Blvd. for 2.5 miles. The Center entrance is located directly across from Lagunitas Blvd.


Please note, there is another 30 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard in San Anselmo that is NOT the Marin Art & Garden Center.

Our Parish Picnic will take place here on Sunday, October 18!


Right after our eleven o'clock Mass.


Click HERE to purchase your tickets:


$5.00 per person, or,


$20.00 per family!


If you can volunteer to help with our picnic, please click HERE as we do need you!


12:00pm - Lunch Time! - Concessions Open

1:00 - 2:00pm - Bingo - Tarantino Hall

1:00-3:00pm - Fun House Opens: bouncy house, facepainting, games, candy pong, limbo, musical chairs, relay races, crafts and much, much more!

Free dress pass for all St. Hilary School students who attend the picnic.


Don't miss it!


Our warmest thanks to Julie Carlucci for organzing this fun day.

Chris Stefanick is a well-known and engaging speaker: check out his website by clicking on this picture.

Thursday, November 19, 7:00 p.m. at St. Isabella Church in San Rafael




Rediscover God and rediscover the life you were made for with internationally renowned speaker and author, Chris Stefanick, and Catholic recording artist, Jon Niven.

"Reboot! Live!" is the fun, inspiring and practical experience for all (ages 12 and up), of applying the beauty and genius of the Gospel to every aspect of your life, from prayer and spirituality, to work, dating, marriage, parenting, health and more!

It’s time to start living the Life you were made for.















Help Victims of the Wildfires


This past weekend we took up up a special second collection at all five Masses and will send the money to the Red Cross:




Since the disastrous fires began, we have been receiving various suggestions on how to help, and several parishioners have taken part in the drives, caravans, and efforts to help the survivors of the fires in our state.


In addition to these local initiatives, research suggests that a good way to help those trying to put their lives back together is via the Red Cross, as Catholic Relief Services only helps folks overseas. Please note that the money you donate will not only go to people in Lake County, but to people in various areas that have been hit by these natural disasters.


If you wish to take part in the second collection here at St. Hilary, please make your checks out to the parish, and we will send the Red Cross one, big, fat check to help in their good works.


If you prefer to send a donation directly to the Red Cross, you may do so by going to:




God bless,

~ Father Brown

Tiburon Police Watch: Please lock your doors! (9-23-15)


On Sunday evening at about 9:15 PM a man armed with a handgun entered a Reedlands home and robbed the female occupant who was alone in the residence.

On Monday night at about 7:20 PM, the same thing happened in a Sausalito residence.

Neither victim was harmed by the intruder. In both cases the female victim was alone in the residence and it appears that the perpetrator entered through an unlocked patio or back door.

The perpetrator has been described at 5'-6" to 5"-8" with a slight build and a medium/dark complexion, and wore a bandanna or a scarf to conceal his face. We are fairly certain the perpetrator is the same in both cases. We have assigned extra officers on overtime to continue the investigation into our case and they will be comparing notes with the Sausalito Police Department to see what the victims have in common. The Tiburon Police Department will actively investigate every lead in this case until someone is arrested or we have exhausted all possible leads. For the immediate future we will be adding extra patrols in residential neighborhoods at night.

Armed robberies in private residences in Marin are very rare and pose a very serious threat. We have not had another one in Tiburon in at least ten years and we need your help on this one. If you see anything you feel is unusual, or if you think you may know who the perpetrator is, please call us at (415) 789-2801 and ask to speak to the Watch Commander. He or she may have to call you back, but we will be in touch and we want to hear what you have to say.

In the meantime, one way everyone can help is to lock your doors, even those that open to your backyard or an enclosed area around your home.

Best wishes,

Mike Cronin
Police Chief

Click here to view the beautiful obituary about Father Roger's mother, prepared by his brother Kerry.
Gunilla Lena Gustafson Fink Obituary.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [205.1 KB]



Mr. Alberto Yguico - Please pray for Alberto and his family during this period of mourning. I got to know him by visiting him and his loved ones in their apartment as he was dying, and then Alberto requested that he be brought home to the Philippines when death drew near, so he could be buried with his relatives in the family cemetery. Just this week his family was back at Mass, informing us that Alberto has passed away peacefully.


Mrs. Josefina Macias - (1925-2015)


Mrs. Gunilla Gustafson Fink (1935-2015)


Mrs. Jeanne Sutliffe (1931-2015)


Mrs. Beverly Ramblas (1928-2015)



Ms. Jessica Anderson & Mr. Thomas Flick


Ms. Claire Teter & Mr. Grahama Lesh


Both couples exchanged their wedding vows

on Saturday, September 5


Please pray for their long and happy future together, and the loved ones who have helped bring them to this happy day, especially their parents, grandparents, and godparents!


Please pray for the OTHER happy couples also preparing for their wedding day and their married life together:

  • Allisen Russi & Lucas Danna
  • Kelly Monahan & Jorge Lee
  • Elissa Kerrigan & Daniel Ziegler
  • Amanda De La Mater & John Quin


Some beautiful words from The Catechism of the Catholic Church about the Sacrament of Marriage:


Parish News and Information

Got Kids?

Want Faith?

We Can Help!


Online enrollment for the 2015-16 Religious Education year is now open. Please visit the St. Hilary Religious Education page of our parish website,  http://www.sthilary.org/religious-education/  and simply click on the registration button. It's that easy!  Register before August 14th to take advantage of the "early bird discount."  

We look forward to a terrific and faith-filled year with your families.


For questions, please contact Lisa Veto,

Director of Religious Education, at:  LisaVeto@Gmail.Com





Experience the joy of sharing the Catholic faith with our parish children and their families as a Catechist in our Religious Education Program. We need you! Please visit the Religious Ed page of our parish website to learn more at:




For questions, contact Lisa Veto at lisaveto@gmail.com

2015-16 Teen Service Corps (TSC) Projects Announced! 

We are excited to announce our upcoming service projects for 2015-16. Please contact us at info@teenservicecorps.com if you are interested in volunteering for one or more of these projects: we need your help!!  You can read more about what TSC teens are doing to help those in need at http://teenservicecorps.com

  • Cupcake baking for monthly birthday celebrations at St. Vincent de Paul dining hall, which serves the homeless in Marin County. September 2015 through June 2016. Coordinator: Brendan Shepard
  • REST Dinner: Feeding the homeless a good home-cooked meal at St Hilary Parish Hall during the cold winter months. November 2015 through March 2016.  Coordinator: Natalie Veto
  • Preparing Christmas boxes for Russian orphans: including PJs, toys, toothbrushes and more. November through December 2015. Coordinator: Max Fennema
  • Basketball with Champions: Playing basketball with developmentally disabled adults in conjunction with the Rec. Inc. program in Larkspur. January through March 2016. Coordinator: Matthew Walravens
  • April 2016 “Across the Bay” Run benefiting the EDGEWOOD Center for Children. This year, we will be running the race! Training and fundraising will start in March 2016. Coordinator: Max Fennema
  • Hoops for Hope Basketball camp for young kids. Money raised will go to Sunny Hills Children's Garden, a non-profit that helps abused children in Marin County. Date TBD. Coordinator: Brendan Shepard
  • Feed and clothe the homeless in San Francisco. November 2015 through March 2016. Coordinator: John Paul Christen
Thank you for your continued support!
Samantha Parent, Stacee Christen, and Laura Fennema
TSC Parent Mentors


If you or someone you know is curious about becoming Catholic, we would like to invite you to come explore your questions.
We are currently forming an inquiry group to discuss and answer any questions you might have about what Catholics are all about.
It’s a very informal group, and there is no obligation.
If you’d like to join us on Tuesdays, beginning September 8, from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM in Tarantino Hall, please contact Sister Dolores Maguire at (415) 937-5538 or via email at DoloresM@StHilary.org 

Giving Made Easy!

We have implemented a new, easier approach to making donations to St. Hilary Parish. To make a one-time or recurring donation online, click here or on the button.

Desperately desiring delicious doughnuts...?


Dear parishioners,

Lynn Reid, who graciously stepped in several months ago to coordinate our doughnut & coffee & orange juice fun after the 9:00am and 11:00am Sunday Masses, tells me we need more helpers to sign up.
If you are interested in learning what it involves, or willing to sign up, please hop on over to the following website:
Although the website focuses on "Saint Hilary School," we all know that the entire COMMUNITY benefits from this hospitality, so please do pitch in if you can.
God bless,
~ Father Brown

"New mysteries. New day. Fresh doughnuts." David Lynch

Father Brown's Q and A:  Sunday envelopes?


  • QUESTION:  I have signed up for electronic giving through Saint Hilary's website, but what do I do now when the collection basket comes around during Mass? I feel a bit embarrassed if I don't put something in.


  • ANSWER:  Please register with Diana and get a monthly packet of Sunday envelopes, which will enable you to know what special days are coming up (e.g., Ash Wednesday), and will also permit you to donate to the second collection. When the first collection basket comes around, put in your (empty) envelopes, as a sign that you are supporting your parish - which you are doing through your e-giving!
If it feels weird to throw an empty offering envelope into the basket, don't you worry - you are giving a good example to the people around you and not scandalizing them by ignoring the basket.

Help Saint Hilary School via eScrip!


Sign up for eScrip today and designate our parish school, St. Hilary #137965399 as the recipient of your eScript points.


We are MOST grateful to the families of our parish and of St. Hilary School who have used this easy, free method of making a big difference in helping our school and our students.


Just go to www.eScrip.com and follow the simple instructions -- be sure to plug in St. Hilary School #137965399 when you register.


God bless you! Just last year, the efforts of people like you brought in thousands of dollars for our parochial school.


Also, take a look at the eScrip online mall:  http://shopping.escrip.com

Pastor e-Mail Alerts  -  from Father William e-Brown


Would you like to receive emails from Father Brown when one of our dear parishioners passes away, or when a special event is taking place here at St. Hilary, or when a disaster strikes and we will take up a second collection for those impacted? If so, please send a brief message to:




Rest assured that all messages are sent as a "blind carbon copy,"

so that others cannot access your email address.

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