A Message from our Parochial Vicar - July 27, 2014

Dear Parishioners,


Today marks the close of the Natural Family Planning (“NFP”) Awareness Week sponsored by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. In this national educational campaign highlighting the anniversary of Pope Paul VI’s encyclical Humanae Vitae, American Catholics around the country “celebrate and reverence God’s vision of human sexuality.”  When couples live their vocation according to God’s plan for human sexuality, conjugal love, and responsible parenthood, it’s a winning combination for everyone. Discover what real couples using NFP say about the benefits of this 100% natural method of family planning:

“NFP is a way for us to cooperate with God’s plan. When our plan and God’s plan seemed different, we felt anxious.” – Josh Noem


With NFP, “I feel so respected and well cared-for by my husband . . . . He would never treat my healthy body . . . as though it was diseased and in need of being ‘fixed’ just to be sexually more available to him at all times.” – Sarah Hammond


“The choice for a husband is clear . . . . [He] can stand by silently and allow his wife to suffer the physical and spiritual consequences of contraception. Or he can defend her virtue, body, and soul by  using NFP.” – Tom Mealey


“They say contraception brings with it freedom and life; however, we have found that it is in openness to God, to each other, and to new life that true freedom is obtained.” – Michael and Alyssa Chambers


“[U]sing contraception I lost my sexual desire for my husband.  Sex became one more thing I had to do for somebody.  . . . [Through NFP], we have our children and a redeemed sex life as well.” – Michael & Alyssa Chambers.


“NFP promotes shared responsibility of the fertility of both the husband and wife. In our marriage there’s no holding back that precious part of ourselves, our fertility. Rather than a burden to be dealt with, for us it is a blessing to be understood and respected.” – Jennifer and John Campbell


We “necessarily discuss personal and intimate topics about our fertility that most couples never broach. These NFP talks are portholes to deeper discourses and more personal dialogue between us.” – Jennifer and John Campbell


We “give ourselves to each other fully in the marital act. For us, the idea of contraception has become almost vulgar. . . . Contraception seems to say: ‘I love you, honey, but I don't love you THAT much.’” –Dawn Farias


“As husband and wife one way we love like God is through our sexuality.  . . . It is loving naturally – the way God designed it.” – Michael and Alyssa Chambers


Please review the enclosed bulletin insert on NFP.


For more information, contact Saint Hilary parishioners


Jamie and Matt Blinn, at (415) 565-9713, Jblinndvm@Yahoo.Com


the Couple to Couple League www.ccli.org


or the California Association of NFP www.CANFP.org




Father Roger Gustafson