A Message from our Pastor - April 20, 2014




Happy Easter!




Dear friends in Christ,


Today is the most important celebration of the entire year for Catholic Christians, and the beginning of the great fifty days of the Easter Season. Jesus is risen. Death is destroyed. Sin in broken. God’s Son is here, alive and well in our midst, working through the children, teens and adults who bear his name!


Lent is when most Catholics focus more deeply on almsgiving, prayer, penance, helping others, and their own spiritual growth and conversion — but in truth, Easter is even more important. The forty days of Lent are merely a wonderful preparation for the Paschal Mystery, as we have been hearing in the Mass prayers since Ash Wednesday, so our devotion and desire to become ever better Christians should not stop when Lent ends.


On the contrary, Easter is the day when most people come to church, and we welcome them with open hearts and minds. For those of us who worship here each day, or each week, seeing our sisters and brothers come to Mass for the Easter celebrations is a great inspiration, and we hope that your experience this year will spark an interest in you that might re-ignite the special joy you felt years ago on those powerful Church moments that are etched into our psyche and memory: at your First Holy Communion, when you approached the bishop for Confirmation, on your wedding day when you exchanged your Sacred Vows before the priest or deacon and family and friends!


We come from all continents, cultures, languages, and ways of life, to celebrate the gift of eternal life which Easter promises to all who are willing to humbly and happily accept it.


Just like those first disciples two thousand years ago, some of us are quite zealous, others are struggling with doubt, and still others are wrestling with great sadness and challenge. Yet all of us are touched by Jesus, whether we realize it or not at this moment, and we have the opportunity to say “yes!” to his call to believe in the Easter victory, to feel the joy of being part of a faith community, to spread the Good News to those we meet.


Welcome to all who are visiting!


God bless you and your loved ones during this fifty days of glory!




Father Brown